Uk Urban Forum

Urban Forum Members

Name and Institution Email
Penny Angold
Consultant at AMPA Associates Ltd.
John Box
Atkins Environment.
Ambra Burls (Vice Chair)
Researcher/consultant Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH)/Ecohealth/green health - Bangor University.
Samantha Davenport
Ian Douglas
School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester.
Paul Evans
Freelance writer and broadcaster.
Mathew Frith
Deputy CEO, London Wildlife Trust.
Peter Frost
Community Action Officer, CCW Headquarters.
David Goode
University College London.
Nick Grayson.
David Haley
Manchester Metropolitan University
John Handley
CURE, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester.
Jane Houghton
Natural England
Philip James
University of Salford.
Chamu Kuppuswamy
University of Hertfordshire.
Graham Leeks
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.
Judy Ling Wong (Vice Chair)
Black Environment Network.
Peter Massini
Greater London Authority.
Alison Millward (Chair)
Independent Consultant.
John Millar.
Dr. Kerry Morrison
Independent Artist and Ecologist
Christine Nevin
Scottish National Heritage.
Paul Nolan.
Julie Proctor
Greenspace Scotland.
Joe Ravetz
Manchester University.
Terry Robinson
Independent Consultant.
Elizabeth Rollinson.
Alan Scott
Independent Consultant.
Richard Scott (Chair)
Landlife, The National Wildflower Centre.
Richard Sharland
Independent Animateur.
Joanne Tippett
School of Environment and Development,
University of Manchester.

Criteria for membership

Candidates for membership of UK MAB Urban Forum must be proposed and seconded by an existing member. The candidate must provide the Forum with his/her CV along with a statement outlining the reason for wishing to join the Forum and what he/she can bring to the Forum. Applications will be put to members at a general meeting of the Forum for their formal approval. Membership of the Forum implies taking an active and a participatory role in the Forum's affairs.

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